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No, it’s all about you!

Our Story

Hospitality360.de was founded in 2018 by Michael Zager, a passionate hotelier and hotel industry veteran who grew up between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Germany. Throughout his 30 years in hotel management and as General Manager in several international 3, 4 and 5 star branded hotels in Europe and the Middle East, he has always looked for adding that something extra. Operational Excellence – A finer touch, an extra detail, fulfilling an expectation…plus a little more – all in all, adding value!.

 Hospitality360.de was established to leverage his 15 years experience in EMEA Corporate functions (fulfilling roles such as Vice President of Franchise Operations, VP Managed Hotels, VP Operations and Regional VP) for some of the biggest hotel groups worldwide for the benefit of bespoke hotels and properties.

 Michael has built a professional global network of key players and experts in all fields, be it Marketing, Finance, Legal, Architecture or Human Resources – just to name a few, that are needed to form a high performing team to serving YOU and YOUR business with a taylored approach!

our philosophy

Our philosophy is straight forward. Hospitality360.de represents, worldwide, around the clock service the believes it is always possible to do one better. Hotels are our passion and when you are passionate about what you do, you do it well.

We combine the strengths, experience and advantages of big global hotel groups with the local flavor and personal service of private hoteliers to create synergies and a level of operational excellence that will further your business’ success.



Hospitality360.de does not rely on algorithms to manage your business on autopilot. We love people and are willing to serve them individually keeping in mind the cultural differences of both owners and their guests.

OUR Mission and Values

The Success Factors:  SQC @ 4P

Hospitality360.de delivers: Service, Quality, and Consistency at all times and optimizes the Four P’s

(PRODUCT – PEOPLE – PROCESS – PROFIT) for our team, clients, partners, owners and shareholders.

Our business is built on 8 foundational values:

Diversity & Expectation
People make the difference. The right people make the biggest difference.

Respect & Humanity
Take care of your team and they will take care of your guests.

Honesty & Trust
Be honest at all times and you will gain trust. Trust doesn’t come with a refill – once lost, it’s gone forever!

Transparency & Structure
Be open in what you do and intentional and structured in how you do it.

Our experience and expertise is your benefit

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